So, I've been debating starting a blog for quite some time now and as is clear to see, I have finally taken the plunge!

 For a long time I have enjoyed coming online and browsing through blogs and generally just being nosy. I like reading product reviews and seeing different fashion and style posts, but I also just enjoy reading about the different ways people live their lives. You've moved in with your boyfriend? Great! You've adopted a puppy? Amazing! You've taken up spin classes? Awesome!

I'm an economics graduate just trying to keep my head above water, hoping life will somehow fall into place while I figure myself out. I wanted to start this blog as a happy place where I can come online to let out my thoughts/feelings and escape real life for a bit (We all need to do it sometimes). 

I have a great love for hair and beauty (most notably for nail art) and a keen interest in all things fashion related. I'm hoping to put out some fashion and beauty posts in addition to lifestyle chatty posts like this, but who knows what will happen? I can't promise an exciting blog or one that will particularly stand out in such an over-saturated market, but I'm just here to express myself and hope some of you join me in this.

Loves. Emma.