I don't know what it is about summer but it always makes me want to eat better and I find myself gorging on fresh fruit constantly and cooking much healthier dinners. The main problem I have with eating well is not being a big fan of breakfast, and aside from the yoghurt/fruit combo I sometimes have, I tend to skip the meal altogether. 

That is until I finally joined the bandwagon and got a blender to make fruit smoothies. Now I have one pretty much every day! And not only for breakfast, but any time of day that I'm feeling particularly hungry, instead of snacking on chocolate or crisps I've taken to mixing up a smoothie.

I tend to include a combination of 3 different fruits in my smoothies, with bananas being a constant. I'm not exactly sure why, but I just like the texture and flavour that they add and they've now become sort of routine. I then add two other fruits which I tend to change up each time, favourite combinations include: strawberry and pineapple; raspberry and cherry; raspberry and mango. I prefer to use frozen fruit for my smoothies because it not only keeps the temperature of it cool meaning I don't need to add ice, but it means the fruits fresh no matter how long I've had it for.


1 Small banana
I guess it doesn't have to be a small one, but I buy the packs of small bananas just to prevent me from making too much, I find it's much easier than using regular size and chopping in half.

1 cup of raspberries + 1 cup of mango chunks
Like I mentioned above, I like to swap and change my fruit choices, but I always keep it constant with a cup full of each. I always use the readily prepared, frozen pieces but that's just personal preference.

2-3 spoons of yoghurt
I like to use the alpro plant-based yoghurts, but again, this is just personal prefence and any yoghurt will do the trick. A favourite of mine is actually the alpro strawberry and rhubarb, it adds a lot of extra flavour and makes the smoothie extra fruity! 

1 cup of almond milk
I say a cup, but I never actually measure this. I just like to pour some in and then if it's too thick when blending I just add more. 

Blend it all together, pour into a cup/jar/bottle and add a colour co-ordinated straw! (or a random colour straw, whatever floats your boat)

What's your favourite fruits in a smoothie?

Loves. Emma.