Music has always been a big love of mine and I have decided to start a series dedicated to the tracks which I have been loving each month. I have a varied taste in music, loving  the majority of genres, but my big loves are generally more indie/rock bands with a side love for good pop songs.

So, here’s the tracks I’ve been loving throughout July:

1. Years & Years - Shine
Years & Years are fast becoming one of my favourite bands. I find their sound so unique and different to what I'm used to hearing and Shine is the stand out song that I have been loving on their album recently.

2. James Bay - Scars
I mentioned James Bay's album Chaos And The Calm in my June favourites and this has definitely carried into July. His voice is just everything that I love, and Scars is such a perfect song both lyrically and melodically.

3. Wolf Alice - Bros
I waited soo long for Wolf Alice to bring out their debut album and nothing about it disappointed. Bros is an obvious choice for a favourite, but it's just one of those songs which I can never get out of my head and that can only be a good thing.

4. Halsey - Trouble
When Halsey's music was finally made available to download here in the UK, I immediately got her EP Room 93. I love every song on this but the stripped version of Trouble is so beautiful, I'm obsessed. I've already pre-ordered her debut album BADLANDS.

5. Ed Sheeran - Runaway
What's a playlist without a bit of Ed Sheeran? He's a firm favourite for so many reasons and I don't go a day without listening to at least one song from X. Runaway is such a feelgood song and I love the melody.

6. Rachel Platten - Fight Song
I first heard this song when it was Radio 1's track of the day a few week back. It's such a beautiful, powerful song and I'm fully obsessed. Rachel's voice is amazing with the emotion put into this song.

7. Jack Garratt - Weathered
Jack is another artist whom I was introduced to by Radio 1, I love everything about his style of music. This song is quite slow paced in comparison to his others, but I think it's just stunning and I'm in love with the tone of his voice.

8. Foxes - Body Talk
Whilst I've always enjoyed and appreciated Foxes' music, I've never really considered myself a fan as such. That is, until I heard this song. It's such a catchy, summer tune and after hearing her in interviews I've come to really love her personality too!

9. The Vaccines - 20/20
It feels like soo long since The Vaccines have had new music out, but it's probably not at all is it? I loved both their first two albums so much and I'm the same with English Graffitti! This song takes on a very vampire weekend esque sound, which I love!

10. Peace - Gen Strange
Peace are one of my favourite bands out there and their second album Happy People sums up everything that I love about them. It's hard to pick one favourite song, but Gen Strange is such a good tune which I constantly find myself putting on repeat.

What have been your favourite songs throughout July?

Loves. Emma.