I've never been a big lover of eyeshadows and creating a dramatic smokey eye, much preferring to make my look about a statement lip. But when I saw people raving about this palette a couple of weeks ago on Instagram, I thought I'd give it a go.

I can certainly see why it's so popular. At only £9.99 this is such a great value product and a definite drugstore staple! It's got a mixture of matte and shimmer shades, ranging from the palest cream shimmer up to a matte black. The double-ended applicator which it comes with it is of little to no use, but really they're never much good in comparison to your favourite eye brushes.

I think I've tried out looks using every shade in this palette now, and none of which have disappointed. The colours are all so well pigmented (much better than you'd expect for the price!) and although there is some downfall, it's not much and certainly not enough to deter you from using them. I've also found that the lightest shades (colour 1 and 11) make for good use as highlighters, and the matte browns (colour 6 for me) are ideal for filling in eyebrows. Alongside the ability to use the black (colour 12) as eyeliner, this palette is perfect for travelling and limiting the number of products you carry.

I've particularly enjoyed using colour 12 over the top of colour 8 to create a smudgey smokey eye, with colour 1 as an inner eye highlight. I've also found applying colour 3 over the lid, with colour 5 blended in the crease is a great, subtle base for creating a good cat eye flick. There are so many combinations with this palette, I'm definitely going to be changing up my go to make-up looks to incorporate some of these shades!

What do you think? Have you tried the palette yet?

Loves. Emma.