The last Wednesday of the month (WHERE has August gone?!) means it's time for me to round up 10 of the tracks which I have been loving this month. I've loved a lot of songs this month that I've listened to from my iTunes library/Spotify/Radio, etc. but when it came to picking 10 I seemed to really struggle and I don't know why? I think there was just so much good music I didn't really know which to pick. But hey ho, I managed to pick some!

1. The Libertines - Gunga Din
Obviously, the libs had to make the cut, how could they not? I'm SO happy they're back. This sounds a lot more mature than they're other stuff (obviously, 11 years does that) but it still sounds so familiar and it's just a perfect comeback song.

2. Drowners - Well, People Will Talk
I hadn't listened to anything by Drowners in what feels like forever, but when this came on shuffle my love for them returned. I can never get this song out of my head once I've heard it, but why would I want to when it's so good?

3. The Cribs - Leather Jacket Love Song
This is another that I re-found my love for through shuffle! I used to be quite obsessed with The Cribs and this song is one I could just listen to forever. The melody, the lyrics, I love it all.

4. The Maccabees - Ribbon Road
The Maccabees are back and with a number 1 album, I'm so happy, again! Marks To Prove It in general is amazing, but Ribbon Road just stood out to me. It's a slow builder, which I love in a song, and the tone of it is stunning.

5. Florence & The Machine - Delilah
How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful is another amazing album I've been obsessed with this month! Flo's voice is so beautiful and Delilah captures it perfectly. It's another slow builder but I love the changes of pace within.

6. Disclosure ft. Sam Smith - Omen
I was obsessed with Latch when it came out and I'm so glad Disclosure and Sam Smith have teamed up again! Omen has such a different yet similar sound to Latch, and it's the perfect song which I have been loving when driving around in the sun.

7. Tame Impala - The Moment
I don't listen to Tame Impala enough, they have such a nice calming, yet somewhat upbeat sound. I think it's really quite unique and beautiful and The Moment captures everything great about them.

8. Neon Trees - Songs I Can't Listen To
I used to like Neon Trees such a long time ago, remember Animal? When I heard this song I didn't realise it was them but now it seems so obviously familiar! I love the sound of this song and I find the lyrics really relatable which is always a bonus.

9. Soak - B a noBody
Soak has such a stunning voice, like, hauntingly beautiful. I think Sea Creatures is the first song I heard and fell in love with, now B a noBody betters that! I love a slow soothing guitar song with amazing vocals.

10. One Direction - Drag Me Down
Quite a different pick from the rest, but I am and always have been a massive boyband lover and I have no shame in admitting it. Considering this doesn't have Zayn's harmonies, it sounds exceptionally good. Such a good upbeat summer song!

What have been your favourite songs throughout August?

Loves. Emma.