I thought I'd write a little 'brand focus' style post today on the Soap & Glory bath and body range. I love Soap & Glory, like I mean, LOVE the brand, I have so many products from their bath and body, skincare and make-up ranges which I rate very highly. But I thought I would focus solely on the bath and body products today since I seem to have quite the collection at the moment.

With this Soap & Glory range, products are defined by 6 different fragrances (which I recently noticed are available in perfumes, who knew?!) each of which are very fresh and fruity. There's the Original Pink scent and Fruitigo (my two personal favourites!) alongside the Smoothie Star, Orangeasm, Mist You Madly and Sugar Crush scents. They're each so different, yet similar in the way that they are uniquely Soap & Glory. 

The Whipped Clean Shower Butter is a favourite I never expected to love so much, I finished a bottle just last week and am desperate to repurchase! This is the only product with the Smoothie Star scent which I have actually tried, but I would definitely try more. The sweet, nutty vanilla scent was great to lather myself with in the shower, and the oils and butters within made it ultra softening to the skin. The ideal pamper product!

The Righteous Butter is the No.1 best seller for Soap & Glory and a firm favourite of mine. I've never been a big fan of body butters, much preferring a lotion which isn't as thick, but this has been the game changer for me. The softening shea butter and aloe vera make it super smooth to apply and it doesn't even take that long to soak in. It's definitely worth the few minutes waiting when it makes your skin feel SO soft! With the Original Pink scent of lemon and lavendar oils, it's the dream body butter.

I wasn't ever interested in trying anything of the Orangeasm scent but when I was gifted the body wash I thought I might as well try it, right? I'm not a big lover of anything orange scented, much preferring sweet, floral scents. But this is such a nice body wash, not overly creamy, really nice and refreshing, I'm actually a really big fan. The undertones of patchouli and geranium I think definitely soften the scent of this. It's a perfect choice for summer!

It is only recently that I purchased the Pulp Friction body scrub, but it is already up there as one of my top Soap & Glory products. With any in-shower product I prefer a tube/bottle to a tub which can easily fill with water, but the creamy texture of this and the way in which it foams up are the biggest positives for me. A lot of body scrubs can be harsh on the skin (especially seeing as I have sensitive skin) but the creamy texture of this really prevents that. It makes for a great, gentle scrub, which still works well in softening and smoothing the skin. The bonus of the Fruitigo fragrance make it extra irresistible!

The Butter Yourself moisture lotion is another top pick of mine which uses the Fruitigo scent. In any body moisturiser, I love a good strong fragrance so this is an instant winner.The richly nourishing cocoa & moringa butters make this lotion great at boosting hydration in the skin, and being thinner in texture means it's much quicker to soak in than the Righteous Butter. My main problem however is that towards the end of a bottle it tends to get stuck in the pump. Not good.

Clean On Me is may favourite everday shower gel ever. It's nice and creamy, softening on the skin, without being overly nourishing like the Whipped Clean. It foams up into a nice, luxurious lather and the built-in body lotion leaves your skin feeling both fresh and soft. The Original Pink scent makes this another of Soap & Glory's best selling products and it's easy to see why. The combination of bergamot, amber and musk make the scent of the shower gel long lasting on the skin.

The Sugar Crush body scrub is the first scrub which I ever tried from Soap & Glory and is also the only product with the Sugar Crush fragrance which I have tried. Although it's in a tub which makes it less appealing to me, being a sugar scrub makes it gentle on the skin yet still strong at smoothing over rough patches. The citrus and vanilla sweetened scent make this such a fresh, energizing product and it's obvious as to why it's such a cult-classic.

What are your favourite Soap & Glory products? Any recommendations to try?

Loves. Emma.