Most of us love a band tee, not only because it's a good way to show off your great taste in music and display your favourite band/artists for all to see, but because they're a comfy go-to when you can't decide on an outfit. There's countless times I've just thrown one on with a pair of skinny jeans and a jacket, not having to think about co-ordinating an outfit and accessorising. But while they're perfect for lazy days with your comfiest jeans, they can also be ideal for dressing up or dressing down an edgy look!

My favourite place is find new band tees is Etsy, theres so many good stores to find on there and you can often get unique designs at amazing quality. But also, for convenience and saving a few pennies, Primark always seem to have a good selection, and H&M often have a few now and again!

Leather Jackets make for a perfect way to cover up with any style of band tee. They're the ultimate pairing whether cropped, fringed or hooded, no matter the band on your shirt. The ideal choice for a cool day, to stay warm, or just to add edge and style to your outfit.

Chunky boots look right in place when paired with band shirts. Most bands on fashion shirts are of the rock/indie style and therefore fit perfectly with the chunky boot style. Doc Martens or heeled platforms, black or white, any style you want and they'll look great.

Top: Etsy
Jacket: Vintage
Shorts: Vintage
Belt: H&M
Boots: Doc Martens

Denim is the one true staple I'd claim is necessary for styling band tees. You can choose a fitted A-line skirt, a pair of short shorts, black skinnies or ripped acid wash jeans and they'll always look perfect in place with a band shirt. 

Flannel shirts seem like the cliche choice to add to a band tee, I know, but it's just the style that matches. They can dress down an outfit, provide a splash of colour or simply just add an extra layer for warmth. There are soo many colour choices out there you can't go wrong!

Shirt: GAP
Jeans: Primark (ripped myself)
Boots: H&M

How do you like to wear band tees? What are your favourites?

Loves. Emma.