I've been really lacking on the nail art front lately, but the other day I decided to have a little pamper session and here's the result! I have the full set of the Alexa Chung/Nails Inc collaboration and I think this colour is definitely my favourite! It's called 'Winter Lilac' and is such a nice, glossy lilac/grey shade. Being Nails Inc, it applies like a dream and is a nice thick texture which doesn't require multiple coats (although I always apply 2, just because). 

To jazz up the simple colour, I decided to add some decal in the form of the 'Stars' which is also from the Alexa collection. These are a combination of silver and gold stars, and although they can be pesky to get on the brush and align on the nail, they stick on well and dry fast. I think they make the nails look really cute!

What do you think to this shade?

Loves. Emma.