It's the end of September and I've been loving a lot of music this month it was rather difficult for me to pick only 10 to mention! Can we just take a moment to appreciate Radio 1 and their live lounge month because there have been some incredible covers which I have become obsessed with! Disclosure and Sam Smith covering Drake? Yes! Wolf Alice covering One Direction? Amazing! But here are my 10 picks from the month:

1. Everything Everything - Spring/Summer/Winter/Dread
The first time I heard this song I knew I was gonna become obsessed and for that reason it almost made it into last months playlist, but I decided to wait till I'd heard it a few more times. I loved their last album so much, it's no surprise I'm loving this!

2. Spector - Bad Boyfriend
One of my favourite bands. The new album Moth Boys has their classic sound from Enjoy It While It Lasts but with a new twist. I could've chosen so many from the album, the obvious 'all the sad young men' and 'stay high' included but I really love the sound of bad boyfriend and the lyrics are golden.

3. Swim Deep - Namaste
Another of my favourite bands! Can you sense a theme here? I feel like I've waited so long since Where The Heaven Are We came out and I am more than ready for the new album. Namaste has such a good vibe to it and an amazing video too!

4. Halsey - Roman Holiday
I've mentioned Halsey in a previous playlist but now that Badlands is out I had to mention another track. I've played this album more than any other this month and roman holiday is a real stand out tune for me, but really, they're all great.

5. Prince - Little Red Corvette
A bit of a random pick, perhaps. When I was HMV they were having a closing down sale (sob!) and so I picked up a few older albums, Prince ones included! I love this song, it's such a classic with a feel good tune.

6. Foals - Mountain At My Gates
I saw so many people talking about the new Foals album that I just had to get in on it and it sure didn't disappoint! Mountain at my gates is the obvious choice, but I really love the upbeat tone and the overall sound it carries.

7. Drake - Hotline Bling
I've never been a big Drake fan really. Always loved his singles but never listened to album tracks let alone bought an album! But I heard this the day it came out and honestly have had it in my head every day since. Such a good tune even if the lyrics and the message it sends are questionable.

8. Rhodes & Birdy - Let It All Go
Well this is quite the contrast from the last song isn't it? I'm so happy that these two teamed up together because the sound of their voices blends so beautifully! It makes for quite the incredible, calming song to get lost in.

9. Coats - Oceans
I discovered Coasts what feels like forever ago back before they were being played on radio, so I'm super happy at the airtime they get now! Oceans is a favourite of mine and hearing them do it in the live lounge was one of my favourite moments this month!

10. Ellie Goulding - On My Mind
It's been a while since we had new Ellie Goudling music so I was happy to hear something new last week! I wasn't expecting her music to go in this direction, it's such a different sound for her, so upbeat and bass-y but I'm really digging it! 

What songs have you been loving this month? Any of the same?

Loves. Emma.