I thought it was about time for another nail update today, so here we are! I've mentioned on here so many times, how much I love a red lip, but I'm also a fan of red nails! They're such a classic beauty look and can make a real statement. I like to opt for a red nail if I'm going out on an evening, to an event or party, particularly if I'm wearing an all-black outfit which I do a lot! 
This shade is from WAH London and it's called 'Love My Team'. It's the perfect red shade, not too orange, not too dark, and super pigmented! It doesn't need many coats, I go for 2 as I always do with any polish, but you could maybe even get away with one if you're in a hurry. Pair it up with the WAH glossy top coat and you've got a perfect, sophisticated nail look!

Thoughts? Are you a fan of red nails?

Loves. Emma.