When I went into Primark the other week, before I got distracted by all the cosy scarves, I spent a good amount of time trying to choose which jumpers I wanted. They've got such a good selection at the moment! I ended up only getting two because I just couldn't justify more than that. But they're an amazing two! 

I'm really loving deep, plunging necklines at the moment so when I saw this lace-up jumper it was a no brainer really! There were quite a few colour choices (maybe 3 or 4?) but I went for this muted grey colour because I liked the simplicity of it. They were sized in S/M/L and I went for the medium, because if there's anything you should know about my style it's that I love everything over-sized. It's a super cosy material, and makes a perfect statement winter warmer!

I decided to pair the jumper with a pair of old jeans which have an array of patches and patterned detailing. They're quite a unique pair which I picked up from River Island last year, but with the fading of the denim and the grey undertones of the jumper I thought they were a perfect match. I also added a pair of old chunky black boots which have been one of my best purchases and are a winter staple for me.

Jumper - Primark
Jeans - River Island (old)
Boots - River Island (old)

What's your favourite style jumper for the season?

Loves. Emma.