Tip: If you don't like fluff, don't buy a chenille jumper from Primark. This has literally left a trail of fluff EVERYWHERE. I've washed it twice in the hope of getting it all off but it just creates more. Nightmare. But it's super cosy and looks cute, so that's all that matters, right? This is the other jumper I mentioned in my previous post that I picked up on a recent trip to Primark. Seriously, if you want loadsa jumpers for winter they've got you covered.

I went for the burgundy colour in this jumper because it's just one of my favourite shades for Autumn/Winter. It's a combination of burgundy and black threading which makes for such a nice effect, and obviously, being chenille, it's super soft. I'm not sure if I have weirdly long arms or something, but I went 3 sizes bigger in this and while it's oversized in the body, the arms are only normal length. Huh.

I decided to pair this up with some of my favourite dungaress which I picked up from River Island in the summer. I just love the copper detailing on them and the fact they fit big enough to tuck this massive jumper in was amazing. I added black tights, obvs, because it's freezing! And kept it casual with my burgundy Vans for a bit of colour co-ord!

Jumper - Primark
Dungarees - River Island (old)
Shoes - Vans

Do you like a polo neck/pinafore combination?

Loves. Emma.