So, I think everyone knows that The Body Shop do great body products with amazing scents. I'm a big fan of them all year round, but the Christmas ranges in particular are so dreamy. I had the Glazed Apple range last year and loved it so much, but for a change this year I decided to get Cranberry Ice. It was going to be a toss up between this and Frosted Plum (which also smells amazing!) but when I was at an outlet they only had cranberry and apple on offer.

I got four products which came in a gift set and the first two are the shower gel and a shimmer lotion. The smell of all of these is so intense it fills the whole room. My mum actually thought I had a cranberry candle it's that strong! The shimmer lotion is a lot more sparkling than I anticipated and definitely not ideal for an everyday lotion, but it's perfect for a holiday party and is super moisturising too! The shower gel is, a shower gel? I don't really know what to say about it, it cleans you and leaves you smelling super nice, win win.

The body butters from The Body Shop are my favourite for a pamper night treat! I went off of them for a while because they take so long to soak into the skin, but I think in winter especially that extra moisturisation is such a nice treat. And with a scent like this, you can't go wrong really! The last in the set is the Frosted Cranberry hand cream which, again, is strongly scented, but is also like such an ideal hand cream. It's not too thick, doesn't leave your hands sticky and all in all I am rather in love with the whole Frosted Cranberry range for Christmas. 

Have you tried any of the Limited Edition Christmas ranges? Which is your favourite?

Loves. Emma.