I always much prefer my winter wardrobe to my wardrobe in any other season. I just love wrapping up in layer upon layer and being all covered up and cosy. Looking through my clothes lately, there seems to be 4 staples pieces I am really loving so I thought I'd share, because I'm just that generous! 

The pieces I collected below are all from Topshop/ASOS/H&M via Polyvore. 

Winter Wardrobe Must-haves

Faux Fur
Whether it's a coat, scarf or whatever else I'm a big fan. I've just done two outfits posts recently with a new faux fur coat I got. I think it can be such a timeless, fashion piece. 

I'm a big fan of hats all year round really, but particularly in winter when I don't want my head to get cold! I love throwing on a bobble hat and being cosy, but I just as much like an excuse to pull out the fedora and get all chic and sophisticated (two things I am not!). Also great at hiding bad hair days which I have a lot of.

Over-the-knee Boots
I did a couple of blog posts on OTK boots a few months back with some different pairs that I have, and I'm still loving them! Whether they're a chunky heeled pair, flats for everyday or a fancy pair for evening wear I love them all! They look so good with jumper dresses too!

Polo Necks
Cosy jumpers are my favourite fashion piece for winter as I've mentioned many of times, but throw in a high neck and it's like heaven! There's nothing cosier tbh. A tighter fit polo neck also works great for layering and they can be so versatile to wear!

What are you winter wardrobe must-haves?

Loves. Emma.