As much as I love curling up with a 'proper' book and getting lost in another world, I'm also a big fan of what can be described as 'coffee table books'. Basically, adult picture books that look pretty. And being a fashion lover, most of the books like this that I own are revolved around fashion/style/celebrities. These are three of my top picks!

Kate Moss by Mario Testino
If you're not a Kate Moss fan we can't be friends. (I'm joking. Kind of.) She's like the ultimate celebrity for me and reminds us when supermodels were actually super. So what could be better than a book full of photos taken by one of the best photographers of one the best models? There's also little interviews in this of Kate and Mario talking about each other, but the rest is photographs of her looking A*. Obviously there's some nudity, so if that's not your thing..

Influence by Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen
Growing up I wanted to be a twin so bad because of these two! I watched every episode of Two of a Kind and every movie they do so much, and still to this day they are my style icons! I love everything about their individual looks and this book is actually a few years old now. It has lots of photographs of them but has a lot more reading with them talking about their different influences in life!

It by Alexa Chung
I realize this post has just become me talking about how much I love these celebs, but honestly, Alexa Chung is everything I wish I was in life. I bought and read this book as soon as it came out (I even got a signed copy!) and I fell even more in love with her. It's like an autobiography but with a lot of her own photography and sketches included. Her personality really shines through in the style of writing. 

Loves. Emma.