How to blog when your camera breaks and you don't have a back up: wishlist post. I mean, I guess I could've taken photos on my phone, iPhones have suprisingly good cameras now really, but I've also been in bed ill since the weekend so I just couldn't be bothered, honestly.

Simple Mix Panel Stripe Shirt, £34
I'm kind of obsessed with patterned shirts lately. I bought a couple on depop then went on a splurge at Boohoo and H&M. This one looks nice and simple but I like the contrast in the direction of the stripes, it would be a great addition to be growing collection.

MARIA Flared Chelsea Boots, £79
My favourite thing in the post! Look how beautiful they are! I love statement boots/shoes and it doesn't get much better than these really does it? 

MOTO Cord Pinafore Dress, £39
I've been lusting over this pinafore (and a very similar one at UO) for a while now but I keep spending so much elsewhere and forgetting about it. It looks super cute and perfect for spring though.

Brushed Check High-Waisted Mini Skirt, £20
I keep toying with the idea of getting a tartan skirt but can never quite make up my mind. I really love the style and simplicity of this one though, with the brushed effect!

MOTO Mechanic Boilersuit, £60
I'm pretty sure I included a boilersuit in a topshop wishlist post I did last year and I've still not gotten myself one. I really need to sort it out, they make such good looks!

MOTO Washed Black Culottes, £36
Cropped jeans are such a good look at the moment, particularly cropped flares and culottes. I think they make such statement looks and in a washed black denim these would be ideal.

Shiny Quilted Bomber, £60
Bomber jackets are everywhere at the moment, and yeah, I love the olive green and black classic looks, but this is such a unique design I'm kinda obsessed. It's so pretty!

Leopard Print Stud Belt, £26
Ever since I got my double-buckle belt from ASOS back in December I've been loving belts! A bit weird, I know, but a statement belt can transform an outfit and it doesn't get more 'statement' than leopard print does it?

Cutabout Cricket Jumper, £45
It might be coming to the end on Winter but jumper season for me is all-year round to be honest (I have very thin blood, it sucks). I love the splashes of yellow and all the different patterns to this, it's so unlike any jumper I own!

Any pieces you're really loving lately?

Loves. Emma.

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