I've never really been one for 'fancy' lingerie, until recently that is. My mum has always told me to wear a matching set everyday and that's really the only thing I've ever considered until the back end of last year. Following more bloggers and instagrams has 'opened my horizons' (lol) and I found myself lusting after the likes of Bluebella and For Love and Lemons. But alas, no matter how stunning the pieces are, I can not justify the prices and instead have turned to high street stores which I ordinarily shop at.

Talking about lingerie and sharing it online is always a bit of a weird one, isn't it? How much is too much and all that, but at the end of the day, most of us wear it and if you're sharing it on your own platform, it's your personal choice to share whatever you want really. If you want to share full body shots in your underwear then I just think it's amazing that people have that kind of confidence tbh. I, however, don't and have instead gone for some more subtle shots which I was comfortable with!

This first piece is actually the only all-in-one that I own. I picked it up from H&M in the sale just as a kind of experimental purchase more than anything. It fits surprisingly well for a non-lingerie specialised store! (Well, all of these pieces do otherwise I wouldn't be talking about them...) It's one of those pieces that you put on and suddenly have levels of confidence you never knew you had, and it would look amazing under a sheer top. The lacing detail on this is so intricate and pretty, and I love the effect of the triple straps!

Also from H&M I got a matching set with a halterneck top. This is a style I actually went on a hunt for because it's so different from anything that I'm used to! I wore this for the first time actually on New Years Eve with a loose fitting white shirt over the top and I really loved the contrast of the two together. I think it makes a great statement piece to spice up a simple outfit.

This set I've not actually worn yet, oops. It's such a more 'elite' set and when I saw it it reminded me so much of the For Love and Lemons style that I just had to get it straight away. It was kind of an impulse buy but I think I will get round to wearing it when I find the right time! I thought it might be a little much (for me, personally) to show this on, but it was from River Island and is such good quality. I think the floral applique is just so pretty! It's also available in several other colours too, so definitely worth checking out!

My last two pieces are both from New Look and actually the first two that I picked up. Seeing as I've been wearing a lot of shirts and blouses lately I wanted a bralette with the 'extra strap' (I don't really know what to call it?). for the effect to show through a few undone buttons and this was the perfect choice. The way this fits is so good, it's super comfy and it doesn't actually look or feel too revealing. Definitely my most worn piece!

I was a little disappointed in this last piece (not enough to not include it or stop wearing it though) as it offers very little support! It looks great, and I love how pretty all of the lace is underneath the band and just all over really, but it has no support at all at the sides so I find myself constantly having to rearrange. TMI? soz. THis is the issue with talking about bra's isn't it, you never know other peoples boundaries and what they might deem too much. Oh well. 

Any recommendations on where to buy similar pieces?

Loves. Emma.