A few years back (well, maybe even last year!) I would never have worn this outfit or anything remotely similar. I've always liked to be a little bit 'different' in my outfit choices but at the same time always played it safe and tried not to stand out too much. But my style has really evolved a lot over the past couple of years, the last 12 months in particular and it's really down to a lot of different things. After going through the classic 'finding myself' phase (god I hate myself just writing this, but it's true, yay for shitty relationships!) I started to get more experimental, first with my hair and then more so through fashion, and now I've really begun to find my own sense of style. I constantly find myself looking for inspiration, whether it's in magazines, from other bloggers or on online shops (the just arrived sections are a great place to start) it never really ends. And I think that's how finding your own sense of style is, y'know? It's constantly evolving as you get older and things around you change, but that's what I like. Nothing stays the same for too long. 

I can't actually remember where inspirations came for my recent obsession with patterned shirts but this was one of my first, and a nice little bargain from depop! It's originally a bohoo shirt, but the pink label tells me that it's fairly old. That's when you know you love a shop isn't it? When you recognise the different age labels. I just like the unique style of patterns that contrast on this and the way it's a shirt without being a button-up! 

Now that I think about it, this whole outfit is made up of bargains tbh! I picked up these corduroy jeans in the Boxing Day sales (feels like a lifetime ago!). They're from Next, I place I very rarely go in unless I'm with my mum, which on this ocassion I was. I spotted them and thought they'd just be something a bit different to try. They're super soft too which everyone wants don't they?

I remember a while back reading an article on Elle/Vogue/Cosmopolitan/somewhere like that online saying that white boots were going to be a big trend this season and I just thought 'ooh I could get on board with this'. 99% of my footwear is black boots so I like to look for some that are a little different. These are from New Look, again they were in the sale, and only cost something like 8 quid! Amazing.

Wearing: shirt, boohoo via depop - cords, Next (sale) - boots, New Look (sale) - coat, River Island (old)

Where do you find inspiration for your style?

Loves. Emma.