I'm nowhere near as experimental with beauty looks as I am with fashion. My hair gets as adventurous as dutch braids every few months and my makeup only ever changes from a subtle everyday look to a bold lip and vice versa. I can't hack winged liner or a smokey eye, that is a true art level I am nowhere near. But simple trends I can do, so here's a few!

Simply Up

Balenciaga, Oscar de la Renta S/S16

Customised ponytails and easy up-dos were everywhere on the S/S16 catwalks and are the most basic style which literally everyone can copy. I don't get how this is really considered a trend since most of us have worn basic up-dos since pre-school, but whatever. If it's good enough for Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta (amongst so many others) then it's certainly good enough for me.

Red Alert

Celine, Topshop Unique S/S16

My favefavefave beauty look ever is a red lip. As I've said, I'm basically no good with eye makeup past simple liner and mascara, so I use lipstick to transform my look and red (particularly coral-toned red, shout out to MAC lady danger!) is my go-to. Pretty sure this was highlighted as a trend last season, but it's definitely a look that I'm always on board with.

Twisty Braids

Celine, Valentino S/S16

2013/14 I spent so long learning and perfecting my dutch/french/fishtail/milkmaid (practically every style you can think of) braid skills and now is my time to shine. I mean, braids have been everywhere for a few years now hence my learning, but it's always good to see it on the catwalk and know the styles will continue. Also, simple twists as well as classic braids are looking amazing.

Bang Bang

Christopher Kane, Vera Wang S/S16

For the majority of my life I had a full fringe and now that I don't, they're everywhere! Kinda glad tbh. Although I do love this trend, it's not one I'll be following because it just doesn't suit my face shape all too well. Plus, I don't want to follow all the trends and be a clone. My friend did recently buy a clip-in fringe though (lol) and it looks so good. Copy the trends without the commitment!

Pop of flash

Giambattista Valli, Prada S/S16

Who doesn't love a splash of metallic makeup every once in a while? I mean, not ideal for everyday in the office  but great for festival looks in particular and just general summerness. It might not seem the easiest to copy and definitely needs confidence to carry it off, but tone it down a bit from some of the catwalk looks and voila. 

What are your favourite beauty trends for the season?

Loves. Emma.