Too much?


If I'm being totally honest, these are the first outfit photos that I've been really happy with in aaages. Maybe it's because it was a better time of day with the sun or because I wasn't freezing and desperate to get inside for hot chocolate, but whatever it is, I want it to continue. It's also one of my favourite outfits lately so I guess that helps? I went through a phase of loving leopard print about 5 years ago, then fell totally out of love with it, but I think it's coming back y'know. It's a classic print for any statement piece and I love my statement pieces so it only makes sense!

When I decorated my room and got all new storage last year I was ecstatic because the wardrobe I got was much bigger in size. Now, however, that doesn't seem like it's the case because I've been very spendy lately and my wardrobe is just bursting at the seams. As are each of my drawers. And my coat rail. And my shoe storage. Get where this is going?
I know I take after my mum for this because her wardrobe is exactly the same, in fact, my dad only has half of a wardrobe because she's taken over his. But is it really a problem? My mum was told by her sister only last month that it's ridiculous and she's a shopoholic with a serious problem (hence I am the same) but really, I think that's just dramatics. If someone likes to spend their money on clothes, let them? So what if they have 5 leather jackets and 4 denim jackets that are all starkingly similar, it's not harming anyone. Fair enough, if you're spending money you don't have or neglecting more important things such as food, health, etc., but we're not. There are much worse things to spend your money on, just be grateful I like clothes and not drugs tbh. I hate judging people for what makes them happy.

I got this cape in the River Island sale and it is honestly the softest thing that I have ever felt. It's so cosy I want to live in it and never take it off. I thought the shades tied in well with the cream top and ankle socks, and who else is loving kick flares at the moment? I was going to buy myself some but when I was looking through my wardrobe and found some full length flares that had shrunk in the wash and are too short, I decided to just chop the bottom off and voila! I don't think they look half bad if I do say so myself.

Wearing: Cape, River Island (sale) - Jeans, Dorothy Perkins (customised) - Shoes, Office 

Loves. Emma.

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