I mean, sure, expensive clothes are nice, but this outfit was less than £50 and tbh I am so impressed I just had to share. Sometimes it's just nice to be able to get a lot more, quantity wise, for your money isn't it? Especially when you're having one of those days where you want to treat yourself and you just want everything all at once!

I'm wanting to save up for a nice, high quality trench coat but until I find one worth investing in, I got this waterfall style one from Primark! I don't think it looks like a Primark one, does it? I like the style, with it being somewhat more casual yet still smart, and I think the waterfall design of it makes it that little bit different. It's like the perfect coat for this time of year with the in-between weather, 'ideal for transitioning' as they say. I don't know who 'they are but let's just roll with it.

At the same time as buying the jacket, I also picked up these jeans. I think last year marked the start of moving away from skinnies and into more varied style of jeans, but as much as I love them, I wasn't sure if boyfriend jeans would suit me. So what better way to test it than with a cheap pair, really? I love the shade and the rips on these, as well as the length being ideal, but thy do come up very big in the sizing! I actually can't wear the without a belt. But you can't have everything can you?

Y'know those stores that you see lots of people mention constantly but have never actually checked out yourself? Well Public Desire was one of those for me, but that's all changed now! They have such a good selection of shoes and boots (to suit such a good variety of styles too!) and I've been wanting some tan boots for a while just to add another colour to my collection really. So when I saw that these were in the sale I knew I needed to have them. It was actually between these and another pair but these won because of the tassels.

The hat was a very spur of the moment purchase tbh. I love hats, I always get told how much I suit them and they make perfect choices for bad hair days don't they? I thought this would match perfectly with the boots so just threw it in my basket and when it went through the till at £3 I was so glad I did. What a bargain!

Wearing: Jeans, Primark - Blouse, Zara (old) - Jacket, Primark - Boots, Public Desire - Hat, Primark

Have you picked up any bargains lately?

Loves. Emma.