Y'know when people say you're either a leather jacket person or a denim jacket perosn? I just don't agree tbh. A lot of the time, I'd say leather jacket wins, but then I find a good denim jacket and the leather jacket is out the window. (not literally of course, they're way too precious for that kind of treatment!) From the front, it doesn't look anything too different from most denim jackets, but then you look at the back. I think this is my favourite purchase this year so far? Well, fashion wise anyway. I saw this on the ASOS Instagram I think? Or on the homepage, it could've been either really. And it's actually from an independent seller on the ASOS Marketplace, which admittedly, isn't somewhere I browse nearly as often as I should. After seeing this I looked through the other stock on the sellers page (alicetakesatrip) and then found myself looking at seller after seller and there are so many hidden gems on there! I had to stop myself from buying everything because I'm supposd to be trying to save. Trying being the important word here. There's always things you want when you try to stop spending isn't there?

Alice Takes A Trip are a Sheffield based brand inspired by the life in their city, which I'm all too happy to support because Yorkshire is the best isn't it. I'd definitely recommend checking out their page if you love unique and statement pieces in your wardrobe! Alongside the obvious patchwork on the back, the jacket also has ripped detailing on the sleeves that add extra character to the jacket and just make it that bit more edgy (lol). I also love the shade of blue? That sounds weird doesn't it. But like, it's that classic royal blue timeless kind of shad? Yeah, see, weird.

Anyway, independent brands are the way forward!

Loves. Emma.