Off the shoulder tops are by far one of my most favourite styles to date. I don't know exactly what it is about them, but I think they make such a great statement, perfect for the Spring and Summer months.

The sleeves on this are what drew me in! Flares, whether on trousers or sleeves, are a trend that I am fully on board with. It looks such a simple yet stylish look. 

This has been in my ASOS wishlist for weeks now but it's like permanently sold out, sigh. How cute is it with all the frills? I love that it's a denim top because I don't have anything like it!

Can you tell my ASOS wishlist is ever expanding? They have so many good stuff in atm, just look how gorgeous this one is! Ideal for summer, and it's available in black too!

Boohoo are also killing it right now. I like this one for how the sleeves are separate, if that makes sense? Like you'll be able to lift your arm and the whole top not ride up. It's also monochrome and an adorable paisley print, what's not to love?

It gives it away in the name 'tunic' but this ones longer line than any of the others and a perfect 'throw on' baggy top but nicer. Am I making sense? The colour is super pretty, but if you don't like it there's other options too!

I don't often do lace but this is the second lace top in this wishlist now. I think it just makes things so much nicer? This top just looks stunning, the overlay and edging just make it for me.

The most simplistic pick here with the classic nautical stripes! Everyone loves a stripey top don't they? 

The colour, the flared sleeves, the eyelet detailing, what's not to love? Potentially my favourite pick here, I like how this is elasticated at both the top and bottom!

£8?! Look how good this top is! The colour is so unique and the little lace-up neckline, flared sleeves, delicate shoulder straps, amazing. 

A fan of off-the-shoulder tops?

Loves. Emma.