Ok so, everyone has got a bomber jacket for Spring. Well, I mean, maybe not quite everyone but everywhere you look there'll be someone, probably multiples someones, wearing one. Most likely olive green! And I'm so basic sometimes and succumb to trends far too easily. But I think it's justifiable because I got a pretty pink one which is slightly less common. Not that I need to justify my own fashion choices to myself, or that there's anything wrong with the more common olive and black options, but, whatever. I initially saw a cream one which I liked the look of but then I saw this and it was love at first sight. Quite literally. I ordered it within 5 minutes of seeing it. I have since, however, seen an amazing bomber at H&M with applique detailing on the back (that reminds me of the Louis Vuitton bombers so much!) and I think I might just have to treat myself once again.

Bombers were everywhere at fashion week last month, and I can't remember who exactly it was, but someone pulled off an amazing oversized pink bomber which I think probably inspired my love for this jacket! It's quite a different look for me, a lot more of a 'streetstyle' and casual kinda vibe that I'm not used to, but I'm rather enjoying it. From my array of sunglasses I had to pick this pair, the rosy pink vibe in full flow, and along with the choker and the cap, I think it gives a really strong look. Definitely one which I'll be recreating again and again.
Can I just add that I picked these jeans up from TK Maxx for £15 and they are the best fitting, comfiest jeans that I have ever owned?! They're by a brand called Blue Spice which tbh, I've never heard of, I don't know if I should've? But I went back and picked them up in a lighter shade too and would definitely recommend if you want comfy high waist skinnies!

Wearing: Bomber, New Look - Tee, Primark - Jeans, Blue Spice @ TK Maxx - Hat, New Look - Kicks, Reebok Classics

Loves. Emma.