I wouldn't say it's a problem per say, but I definitely have a 'thing' for ankle boots. Well, boots in general really, but ankle boots in particular. I can't seem to stop buying them? There's always a different pair that I see and just need. Latest, most of them have been in the sale which has made it much easier on my bank account! Aside from trainers on the odd occasion, I don't really wear anything other than boots. Even when I go on a night out and get all dressed up, it's most likely with a pair of boots still. It's just what I'm comfy in, y'know? 

Back at the end of last year when I picked up my silver boots it was a toss up between those and a pair of the identical style with a snake effect print. I actually ordered both, but in the end, the silver won because I just liked them best once they were on, but I've had the idea of snake print boots in my head ever since! I've seen loads of styles everywhere but none that I just had to have, it was more a case of 'oh they're nice' *moves along*. But my mum actually found these for me! She was looking for boots for herself (we both seem to have the same thing for boots you see) and when she came across these just knew that I'd love them. We ordered them, and even though they were in the sale it said they would take 4-6 weeks for delivery. Crazy. But it worked out good because I wasn't desperate for them so when I got the email to say they'd been delivered it was a nice little surprise! 

I particularly like the heel on them because it's that nice low height which is the comfiest (I find, anyway) for all-day everyday wear. I also like that it's round as oppose to a block heel! They're quite rounded at the toe and just generally comfy to wear really. I definitely recommend statement boots to brighten up simple outfits! 

Snake Chelsea Boots, £15, Next 

Loves. Emma.