When I came to putting this post together I was like 'damn I should've worn blue lipstick too!' which might've been OTT but have you seen the Halsey X Mac collar? That's an amazing shade! Anyway I'm obsessed with this lipstick/necktie combo at the moment so the blue will have to wait for another time! This is Mac Stone btw.

It was my birthday at the end of April and I got this gorgeous royal blue handbag from my parents which I am so in love with! It's Carvela by Kurt Geiger and is a bucket bag, such a different shape (and colour!) to any that I own already. It's quite a bold, statement bag but not really, at the sam time? I think blue can be either or, depending on your taste really, it's not too 'out there' like say an orange or yellow bag would be, but it's bolder than a simple black or grey, y'know? It's got gold hardware and where I always go silver for jewellery, I don't have a preference for handbags and such really, I love the blue/gold contrast here! It fastens with press-studs front-to-back and side-to-side, so although it's a bucket bag it's not too open. It's really heavy duty and sturdy, but also the perfect bag for just throwing stuff in, ideal for shopping trips basically. It has the front pocket and optional long strap too, it's ast becoming my favourite bag!

The day after my birthday I went shopping, because what else would I do with another day off work, really? I spent far too much money considering I got actual presents and not any money gifted to me, but you've got to buy yourself birthday presents too, right? I was immediately drawn to these dungarees in Zara because of the patches and the frayed hems and once I had tried them on there was just no going back! There's a pair of patchwork dungarees that have been on my ASOS wishlist for weeks, but I think I can get rid now because I'm so in love with these! They're super soft denim and the fit like a dream. They're boyfriend fit and the cropped kind of kick flare style (obviously more cropped if you're of an average or above height, unlike me!). The only thing I was unsure about is that the straps aren't adjustable. Well, they have two button options but on the tightest the bib still hangs much lower than I usually like them to. I kind of like that though now, because it makes them even more different from other dungarees that I own. Of which there are quite a few.

I'm definitely embracing the blue denim and all-round general blueness on trend this season!

Loves. Emma.