Pinafore Frills


So I mentioned in my last OOTD post that it was my Birthday last month, and I never actually got a chance to photograph my outfit past a selfie for Instagram. But I liked it so much that I decided to recreate it for the sake of a blog post! This pinafore is one that I have been lusting over for so long that I don't even know why I didn't just buy it? But in the end my mum got me it for my birthday and I'm super happy about it! It fits like a dream, is amazing quality and basically the perfect colour. What more could a girl want, really? (Equal pay, chants everyone!). I paired it with this fancy frilly blouse which I picked up in the boohoo sale a few weeks back and I just love the effect of the two together. The blouse is rather long at the back though so I had to keep pulling it up to prevent it from hanging below the pinafore which was tres annoying. I opted for black boots and a fedora because, why not? If you can't be extra with a fancy hat on your birthday then when can you? Also, these boots are so dreamy and you can still catch them in the Office sale for a pretty great deal!

Wearing: Pinafore, Topshop - Blouse, Boohoo - Boots, Office - Fedora, Primark

Loves. Emma.

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