Slippers & A Shoulder Bag


So it's coming into summer and everyone's talking about brightening up their wardrobes, so what do I do? Buy more black. But it's only accessories this time! It was one of those times where payday coincides with that time of the month and I was feeling fed up and just did so much online shopping that weekend. I've been lusting over this bag for so long, like 90% of bloggers have it, I know, it's not the most original but I just love the style and design of it, so I thought 'what the heck' and went onto the Zara site. I could've done a lot more damage than the two items I got really, so I'm quite proud of myself for refraining. Zara have such good things it at the moment it's definitely worth checking out! But Danielle (weworewhat) has got me obsessed with loafers and just flat shoes in general, like I absolutely adore the Gucci fur loafers, but $$$. So when I saw these I just had to have them and they're so comfy and so great for throwing on everyday for work, shopping, whatever! Definitely my favourite delivery in a long while.

Leather Cross Body Bag with Metal Detail 

Flat Leather Slipper Shoe

Loves. Emma.

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