So, I read a lot of blogs. Like, a lot of blogs. And this isn't just since I started writing this blog, but for a long time before that too. Fashion blogs, beauty blogs, lifestyle blogs, I like to keep it varied. And in all honesty, 99% of the blogs which I read are by girls. Blogging just seems to be a very female dominated space and I'm ALL for that! Girl power, etc etc. And it's only recently (maybe I wasn't looking before, or maybe they were lacking) that I'm noticing more and more ~feminism posts. People using their blogs and social media platforms in general for such good, positive reasons. It was this post from Chloe a while back that first got me really thinking about it, and then there were posts from Hannah, Megan (and more from Chloe) amongst others, that got me feeling all inspired and just generally happy to see such topics being discussed without shame. I think it's definitely something that more of us should get on board with! 

I want to start writing blog posts about actual topics like this, as well as the nice new clothes that I've picked up, and this post today seemed like a great way to start!

I do think in general there seems to be a distinct lack of people addressing ~taboo topics. Whether this is people not wanting to talk about periods or the everyday sexism which they (no doubt) face, there are a lot of topics which I feel should be addressed more. I just feel like, if you have a platform, however big or small, you should use your voice. Not everyone is lucky enough to get that opportunity. 
But it is personal choice what you want to talk about and if you don't want your blog to be a place for potential debates, that's totally fine.

I am a feminist. I don't address as many issues as I would like, being shy and having anxiety stops me in a lot of ways, but at the root of it I would still describe myself as a feminist. If you don't agree with the core of feminism, that everyone of every gender/race/religion/background/class is equal, then that's your own choice (you're wrong, obviously, but y'know each to their own). But every girl has as much right to education as every boy, and why should anyone be punished for being assigned a different gender at birth?

You aren't any better than anyone in this world, no matter what you think, and I just think we could all make more of an effort to talk about our experiences as women and help empower others.

Sorry if this got a bit preachy. (not really).
Let me know what you think!
Loves. Emma.