The Trillest, WAH London

When it comes to nail polishes, I'm never sure whether I'm more of a pastels or a brights kind of girl. I just tend to mix it up swapping shades and colours all of the time really. Sometimes I want barbie pink, sometimes I want a more classy nude, other times I just want black. Variety is the spice of life, huh. But glitters are one thing I tend to avoid a lot, simply because I'm lazy when it comes to taking it off, y'know? But this little gem is my absolute favourite at the moment! It's not properly glitter, instead a holographic effect which makes it so much easier to both apply and take off. Plus, who doesn't want a nail colour that looks different in all kinds of lighting? The camera doesn't fully pick up the effect, but trust me! It's from WAH, one of my go-to's for the best nail polishes, but I have noticed the holographic-ness (definitely making up words) effect is not as strong under a top coat!

Loves. Emma.