So on the 3rd June 2015 I posted my first blog post (on this blog, lets not mention the one prior...) and I can't believe it's a whole year ago! I started this blog after I'd graduated and was stuck in that whole "I don't know what to do with my life" and just wanted somewhere to express myself really. And I'm so happy I did start it! A lot has changed, like now I have a full-time job so I don't have as much time to dedicate to blogging, but I'm more determined than ever to make time because it's such a positive thing that I enjoy so much!

I thought I'd just do a little 'things I've learnt since starting a blog/goals for the next year/favourites' to celebrate kind of thing!

Be inspired, not jealous.
In life in general, but especially in blogging, I think it's so easy to see what other people are doing and get instantly jealous. I used to be so bad for this and it's only recently that I've gotten better. When you see other people getting amazing opportunities or just growing their audience at a much faster rate it is so easy to think 'why isn't that happening to me?' but really, as cheesy as it sounds, you're on your own journey. It's much much better, for you and for everyone, to instead be inspired by someones amazing blog photos or ideas. It makes you a better person and helps improve your own work!

Communication is key
I definitely wouldn't say that I've embraced the whole blogging 'community' thing yet. Yet! I always comment on posts that I love and reply to comments that I get, but the whole social media side I'm still a bit scared of. Sounds stupid right? I know this would help grow my audience and I do want to do it, not only for that but to make friendships too, I just find it so hard. Usually, my anxiety and shyness isn't so much of a problem online, but something about this just brings it out big time. This is definitely a goal that I want to achieve by the end of the year though!

Fake it till you make it.
My life motto tbh. Confidence is vital in the world of blogging. Whether this is looking confident in outfit photos or just being confident to share your work online for potentially anyone to read. I've never been confident in anything really and even when I started this blog I was too scared to share it on social media, but you've got to push past that and just be confident. When PR companies start contacting you, fake it, pretend you know what to do and that you've done this kind of thing before. It's the best way to get to be confident. 

I've been looking back at my old blog posts a lot recently and there were some that just had to go, they were tragic. There's a lot of others that I still cringe at a bit but I don't want to get rid of them all, y'know? I like to look back and see the progress that I've made and how my blogging style has developed. Obviously, there are also a lot of blog posts which I like and am proud of, so here's a few of those:

I'm also looking to improve my blog layout and design over the summer. I now have a proper URL, fancy hey? (But it deleted ALL of my comments! Sad times) And I'm working on a decent blog header. If you have any suggestions on what would look good/make it more accessible, let me know below!

Loves. Emma.

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