Finding your own style comes through being comfortable in your own skin and comfortable with what you want to wear. But if you're comfortable in what you wear too, that's just the best bonus isn't it? I mean, most people aren't gonna wear really uncomfortable clothes or anything anyway, but we've all been there with jeans a little too restricting or shoes that hurt your feet. The ultimate comfy clothes are pyjamas but they're (unfortunately) not wholly acceptable outside the comfort of your own home. In come these trousers. They're ~normal clothing, not sleepwear or even loungewear, and I think they look pretty damn great. They make such a great throw on pair for when you're not feeling great (especially that time of month when you're a bit bloated and meh) because they can still be styled up and make for any kind of occasion. Also, who doesn't want lightweight, baggy trousers when it's hot outside and you're not comfortable showing your legs off?

I styled these up with this off-the-shoulder top from Zara which I am totally obsessed with right now. I mentioned here my current infatuation with Zara and this top is another perfect summer top isn't it? I love that the sleeves are separated from the main body of the top because with off-the-shoulder tops there's nothing worse than having it constantly ride up every time you move your arms! I also love the cut-out lacey detailing and the contrast of it against the stripes of the trousers.

Wearing: Trousers, Primark - Top, Zara - Jacket, Alice Takes A Trip @ ASOS Marketplace - Shoes, New Look (old) - Sunglasses, Ray-Ban Wayfarer

Sticking to the pyjama trend, I just picked up a pair of palazzo trousers too!
What do you think to slouchy, comfy trousers?

Loves. Emma.