I know for a fact that I would have a lot more money if it wasn't for social media and bloggers. It's just ridiculous how little will power I have when it comes to new clothes/shoes/accessories. I saw Danielle's post about summer sandals a few weeks back and decided that I needed a new pair. To be honest, I don't really have sandals, mostly boots and a few pairs of shoes, so it was easy to justify it to myself. I've also never had any lace-up shoes before so I had to hop on the trend, didn't I?

This pair are from ASOS and were only £19.99 (they're even cheaper now they're in the sale!). I just love how ~unique they are with the stars, I've not really seen any like that. And being black they suit my often monochrome style perfectly! I do find the ties quite annoying though. I don't know if it's just me, but they don't stay up my legs, like, at all? I've pulled them fully up so that the tie sits behind my knee and it's helped to hold them up but I prefer when they're tied a bit lower down the leg, with the straps less stretched out. So if anyone has any tips for keeping them up, help a gal out!

Loves. Emma.