For the longest time as a teenager I simply stuck to the basics in all of my outfit choices. I kind of lost all confidence I had and just wanted to blend in, never stand out or be noticed. Obviously, I've gotten a lot more confidence again now, but I thought in ode to this, I would do a little mini series on different ways you can make a basic outfit pop. Said basic outfit being the classic white tee and black skinnies. Absolute wardrobe staples for me! I'm also really getting into accessorising my outfits more and more lately, so perfect timing, huh.

The bralet/harness
I understand this certainly isn't for everyone, it can be a struggle finding cute bra's that fit as it is, never mind fancy bralets, but if you're comfortable/confident enough then it really can transform an outfit. Worn either under a t-shirt or over like here, it's just a look I am fully on board with at the moment. I love the contrast of the black lingerie against a crisp white top, too! This caged bra is my favourite right now, because it's a fully supportive style and goes perfectly with V-necks. Just adding a separate harness alongside your usual bra is another way to go though!

Socks with Sandals
Classic dad on holiday style, transformed into a fashion statement. Again this isn't for everyone, my brother HATES it when I wear any combination of socks and sandals around him. So obviously I do it even more so, because what are sisters for, but to annoy? Anyway I just love how much of a stand out look it can be! Obviously, it doesn't work as well with skinny jeans as it does with a pair of crop kick flares or an a-line skirt, but for the purpose of this mini-series we're just gonna roll with it.

Wearing: T-shirt, ASOS - Bralet, ASOS - Jeans, New Look (old) - Socks, Topshop - Sandals, Zara sale (not online) - Bag, Primark

Also, I just want to take a moment to appreciate this bag and the fact that it's from Primark! Yeah, I know. I don't often buy high street bags at all really, but sometimes you just can't add up a bargain can you?

Loves. Emma.