Versatile, Transitional, Floral.


So as much as I love my high street shopping (and the occasional designer splurge) (and practically any shopping anywhere!) my favourite places to shop are independent stores. Whether it's boutiques online or hidden gems in town, I just think it's great not only to support small businesses, but finding items which are unique and a little bit different! 

I came across Boutique of Molly on twitter, because hello, it's 2016 and everyone finds everything on social media now don't they. Not only is there a great selection of tops and dresses (among other things) (they've just brought out a new collection of bags which are definitely worth checking out!) but the deliveries come in pretty pink bags, and who doesn't want a pretty pink delivery through the post?  It sure brightened up my Friday! Especially considering how quick it was to arrive, top service.

With it being that awkward transitional phase of 'is it autumn yet?' and not knowing what clothes are weather appropriate, it's all about finding pieces for your wardrobe which are both versatile and transitional. In comes this super pretty floral dress from BoM. Chokers/choker tops/choker dresses are everywhere right now, it's so 90's I love it, and this dress seemed like a perfect addition to my collection. It's a nice, lightweight material (perfect for transitioning and layering!) and is such a flattering shape. You can see how pretty it is, I don't need to ramble on about that, but it's one of those pieces that just fits perfectly as soon as you get it on and although it's a nice, thin material like I've said, it's not that crappy material that goes funny in the wash. It's the good stuff!

I've styled the dress 3 different ways here: with the off-shoulder top for a day look; with a tied belt for an evening look, and with tights and a jacket for a winter look. But there are SO many more ways you could wear it, with over-the-knee boots or lace-up's would be such a look. Why didn't I think of that sooner damn it. But you get the idea, versatile pieces are not only great for a capsule wardrobe, but for seasonal appropriate wear in general.

Along with the dress, I also picked up this black off-shoulder top because these are such wardrobe staples for me right now.  Again, this is great for transitioning because you can add layers both under and over, and layering, for me, is the key to autumn style!

So what do you think of the dress? Gonna be hitting up BoM soon?

Loves. Emma.

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