When You Can't Commit To Colour


So I've mentioned multiple times before how simplistic and monochrome my wardrobe used to be, so I know how daunting it can be to brighten up your outfits if you're anything like me. (Not for everyone, obvs.) It can take a lot of confidence and a lack of caring what other people think, so it's always good to test the waters a bit, bridge to gap with small splashes of colour to see how you like it! 

Obviously, accessories are a small and easy way to start. In particular, the whole pins & patches trend at the moment is a great way to do this. I keep wanting to add a selection of pins and patches to my favourite denim jacket to jazz it up a bit, but I just haven't gotten round to it yet, really! I did, however, find this little t-shirt in Primark which has readily sewn on patches and isn't it just super cute?

If you're brave enough for socks and sandals, there's so many cute and colourful pairs out there that can brighten up any outfit! This pineapple pair are obviously my favourite because who doesn't love pineapple?

Loves. Emma.

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