Following on from my last post about my favourite nail polish shades for this season, I had to share my favourite lip colours because I just live for dark lips. I'm all about nude, red or dark lips depending on the season and my mood. Not a fan of any kind of pinks. And I'm not a big make-up girl in general really. Well, some would disagree judging on my ever-growing collection, but try as I might I'm just not very good at doing make-up? The only way to make my make-up looks striking is through lip colour - it's the easiest and most statement. Plus, what is Autumn without a berry lip?

Side note: I'm trying to go cruelty free with all my makeup, skincare, etc., so a lot of my old favourites have been left out. Let me know any cruelty free brands you recommend!

 Charlotte Tilbury, Glastonberry
You're probably sick of every blogger ever talking about this lipstick but it's so good! It's a nice creamy consistency even though it's a matte finish and it's a nice build able coverage too if you don't want the full effect. Perfect berry shade.

 NYX Lip Lingerie, Teddy
Not exactly a berry lipstick, but still a firm favourite and perfect for autumn. The lingerie range in general is a favourite of mine, the consistency and lasting power insanely good for the price! This shade is a dark brown with red undertones and the perfect shade to bridge the gap to a subtle berry tone if you prefer nudes.

Too Faced, Drop Dead Red
I got a couple of the melted liquid lipsticks in the summer, but this is the first I've got in the new packaging with a wand instead of the usual applicator. I love the formula, the lasting power is great and look how dark it is! That pigmentation, though. Obsessed.

Any cruelty-free berry lip recommendations?

Loves. Emma.