There are wardrobe essentials for all year round (such as your classic white tee and favourite pair of skinny jeans) but then there are those that are season specific. With autumn being my favourite season (have I mentioned this? Only all the time, sorry) I thought it was only right to do a post on my essentials for this time of year when it comes to getting dressed.

Oversized jumpers
When it's cold outside and it's dark when you're leaving the house in the morning, there's nothing more satisfying than being wrapped up cosy warm in the comfiest clothes. Honestly. And there's no better way for this than thick baggy jumpers. Whether they're chunky cream cable knits or black chenille sweaters, you just can't go wrong can you?

Faux fur
The amount of faux fur coats I have, that are taking up far too much room in my wardrobe, is honestly quite ridiculous. But anything faux fur is a must have when it's cold weather, no? Faux fur scarves, coats, gilets, they're just so much cosier than any other material. Throw in faux fur trim on dresses or faux fur bags and you're winning aren't you.

I love a hat. Whether it's a fedora or a bobble hat, if I put one on in a morning when I'm getting ready there's a 90% chance it'll stay on my head all day. I'm a fan all year round tbh, but autumn just seems like the time for them to truly shine, y'know? I know I sound ridiculous. Not only are they good for transforming an outfit when it's cold and you cab with anything fancy, but they keep your head (and whole body, bcos science) super warm!

Over-the-knee boots
I love an ankle boot, don't get me wrong, they're perfect for everyday, but whats not to love about a good pair of thigh highs with an oversized jumper dress? Absolutely nothing. I have 3 different pairs now and plan on wearing them to death over the next few months. They go perfectly with a-line skirts too, and even with jeans tucked in if it's super cold!

Wearing: Jumper, Next (old) - Gilet, ASOS - Hat, ASOS - Boots, Truffle via ASOS (old)

Loves. Emma.