If you didn't catch my last post, it was the first of two in collaboration with sammydress. Although this outfit is much less 'me' than the last, I think I much prefer it? It's a complete contrast to the last outfit and that's what I liked so much about this collaboration. Also, you'll probably note the change in hair colour. I mean, it's Autumn! I had to go darker! I get bored with hair colours so it is only semi-permanent.

Frills and flared sleeves and the likes are everywhere this season and I'm a massive fan. I have so many different blouses/tops/jumpers with flared sleeves it is *quite* ridiculous. This blouse* is a bit different to any I own though, with the frills down the front and the cut-out/tie-up neckline. PSA the neckline can make it quite revealing depending on how you tie it and how the frills fall! It's great quality though and fits perfectly, but I did have to order this in an XL again which is beyond crazy.

I actually saw a pinafore very similar to this one when I was shopping a few weeks back and I was drawn to it, but didn't think it would suit me so I left it. Then I saw this one* and just thought, what the hell, basically! It's so nice and fitted, like often when I buy high waisted anything it's baggy on the waist in order to fit my hips, but this actually fits like a dream tbh. And it's so tailored and smart, but denim and casual at the same time, honestly can you tell how happy I am with this? It was one of those annoying pieces you order online and when it arrives the button holes aren't cut, so I had to cut them in, and the straps were excessively long, but there's not much that I can complain about with this really. Other than it being an XL again, but that seems to be the theme unfortunately.

 Wearing: Blouse*, sammydress - Pinafore*, sammydress - Bag, Valentino - Boots, Forever 21 (old) 

So what we've learnt here is if you like something but don't think it will suit you, try it on anyway because you just might be surprised in the best way!