If you're not up to date, part 1 and part 2 of this series.

First off I just need to apologise for the bloody silver pig on the step, I don't know what goes through my mums mind sometimes. And also the photobombing cat - life's tough when you're super busy and have only a tripod to help you out! 

So I've talked about a statement jacket and trousers, so now for a pair of shoes and we're complete! Well, aside from a top. But the top in this outfit is kind of a statement piece too? If you're wanting to focus on one item in your outfit, in this case the shoes, you don't have to keep everything else you're wearing too simple.

Don't Play Too Safe.
If there's anything you should know about me, aside from my affinity for buying all the shoes, it's that I'm always a fan of an open-back. This has been going on for a fair few years. If you had a tumblr 4-5 years ago you'll remember the Nasty Gal top with the cut-out skull on the back, right? I think that's still in my wardrobe somewhere! But yeah, I'm a big fan of open back tops whether a t-shirt, jumper of sheer top like this one. There's an open-back jumper on ASOS that I keep eyeing up and I think I'm just gonna have to get it.

I picked this top up in the Boohoo sale a couple of weeks back. It was only £3 so I couldn't not, y'know? It's very sheer and very open back so it's a bit of a bra nightmare, but I still really love it. It's one of those that I know I'll be able to just throw on with a nice pair of jeans/trousers/shorts (anything really) for a night out when I don't know what to wear.

Wearing: Top, Boohoo - Jeans, River Island (not online) - Belt, Boohoo - Shoes, Topshop - Sunglasses, ASOS (old)

The all-black ensemble is a firm favourite of mine too, especially for the autumn/winter months, so to break it up with such a bright pop of colour in the form of these shoes will make a nice change this season. I just need a bright pink belt to match and I'm set! 

If you're wanting any loafers, I would 100% recommend these Topshop KARTER loafers. You don't have to get bright pink like me, you can go for gold instead! Or they do black or pastel shades. But I have them in white too and they're just the comfiest shoes in the world. 

This is the final part of the series - let me know if you've enjoyed it!