Stripes & Frills with sammydress


Remember in my last OOTD post when I said I'm always a fan of backless/cut-out back tops? Well here's another one before it gets super cold! This time it's a striped number as well so it's a clear winner, because who doesn't like stripes? A classic staple for every wardrobe. Pair it with frayed hem kick flares and whats not to love? I know this autumn transitional period isn't the best time for backless t-shirts and I should be talking about layering up, but it was a sunny day ok. 

Both the t-shirt* and jeans* in this outfit are from sammydress, and I know what you're thinking, I've heard mixed things too, but I don't like to prejudge. How can you judge on something like this without having had a personal experience? So I picked these pieces thinking they made a cute little outfit and I am most pleasantly surprised! The t-shirt* fits perfectly (I did have to order an XL though), it's great quality, and really there's nothing that I could fault about this? Especially when it costs less than £10, what a little gem! I am king of expecting it come out of the wash all misshapen but we shall have to wait and see! I love the knot detailing and how the sleeves are a bit longer.

We've all seen bloggers everywhere in frayed hem kick flares, both blue and black, whether they're from ASOS/Topshop/H&M/anywhere and I've been loving them but just never got around to buying myself a pair. I don't know why really, probably because I have NO space in my room for anymore clothes? But then I saw this pair* and just had to have them, it was like fate. They're that super stretchy comfy denim which I love (for skinny jeans especially!) but, again, I ordered an XL (I know) and I literally had to pour myself into them. I'm a UK size 8 FYI. Yeah. So aside from the utterly ridiculous sizing, they're not half bad. The hems could be more frayed and roughed up, but that's personal preference and nothing a little customisation can't fix! Again, these were under £10 and so long as you don't go for an all-you-can-eat buffet, they're not the worst! They give that really satisfying feeling of freedom when you peel them off.

So the delivery time if you order from sammydress is expected to be 2-4 weeks, which given that it ships from China seems pretty fair to me. But mine actually arrived only a little more than a week after the order was processed so that was most pleasing!  I can't fault the customer service either tbh, maybe I was one of the lucky ones, but maybe they're improving things!

Wearing: T-shirt*, sammydress - Jeans*, sammydress  - Sunglasses, Primark - Trainers, ASOS - Socks, Primark

Let me know if you've ever bought from sites like this and how you found the sizing!

Loves. Emma.

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