Although the title of this post may suggest so, this isn't in homage to the Beyonce song. But it is a great song. I was just thinking about my blog and that whole 'what is your niche' and my blogging style and how I like to be quite chatty and personal in a lot of my posts. But then I was like, what do my ~readers even know about me? I've never done an 'about me' or a 'get to know me' kind of post, and the 'about' section on my blog is so brief it's quite pointless really isn't it? But that's just me and my love for minimalism tbh.

So I don't want this to come across all annoying or big-headed like 'she loves talking about herself' because actually, talking about myself is my least favourite thing to do, but I just want there to be more of ~me on the blog and for it to be a more personal place, if you get me? I don't really expect people to have been waiting to read about me or anything like that, obviously, I'm not exciting in the least, and I'm just rambling a bit now aren't I? This is just a post I wanted to put out there, so I am, basically.

I'm Emma and I have a shopping/spending problem. I've mentioned this a lot, most notably in this post and I don't want to say it's an addiction, that's not something to be said lightly, but I do have very low self-restraint. It's not always been like this, I used to be so good at saving, but I went through a pretty rough time where I had very little money to spend on myself, so now that I'm in a better place and have a full-time job, obviously I'm gonna have a lot of 'treat yoself' days! My bedroom is an overflowing collection of far too many shoes, coats, bags and clothes in general for one person to need. But it's not a mess. Not even an organised mess, because I am very particular about things being neat and tidy and organised. It's not OCD, but maybe a very very mild form? I'm forever rearranging things in the house that people have put away 'wrong' and I can't let other people do things because it won't be done my way. 

I graduated University with a degree in Business Economics, but please never ask me a question about the economy. Especially not in the current state, because it's all just a mess.

I have a ~phobia of cheese. Cook it on a pizza and I'll eat it. But raw, I can't even touch the stuff. 

I collect lipsticks (and lip products in general). Also, candles. But what's not to live about either of these things?!

My mastermind subject would be X Factor and I'm not even ashamed. Yes I've watched every series and can name you all of the winners.

I don't leave my bed nearly enough because anxiety is SO FUN. Plus, it's comfy, so?

This is rambly enough and I suspect most of you gave up after the Beyonce reference so I'm gonna end it here. But let me know what kind of posts you'd like to see more of. Personal, Styling, Wishlists? I'm in a bit of a rut!

Loves. Emma. 

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