Somehow, we're at the end of another year and it's that time where everyones had a bit of down time, some time away from work, and we're all now thinking of the ways we want to do better in the new year. It's not all about setting unrealistic resolutions and piling pressure on ourselves, but more about just reflecting and improving. 2016 has been a weird year - in some ways it's been terrible, but in other ways it's been quite a great year for me. I got a new job, started to share my blog with irl people (lol), and went on my first holiday in 6(!!) years. So I might not have achieved some things that I wanted to, but I've achieved others that I didn't plan to and most importantly, I've moved forward. And that's why I've set some ~achievable goals for the next 12 months.

I think we could all do with a little more self-loving in our lives, but really, I need to stop being so hard on myself. I should be proud of the small accomplishments, because a step forward is still forwards no matter how small, right? And tbh, just something as silly as actually celebrating my birthday for once would be a really big step for me. 

As I mentioned above, I actually went on my first holiday in 6 years this month. And I loved it, but the anxiety I had was through the roof. I'm never gonna be one of those bloggers jetting off to new destinations every week, doing "12 countries in 12 months" challenges, but I just want to push myself a little more to get out and see more places. I already have a trip to Dublin booked for May with my family, but another trip with friends would be ideal.

This time last year I set myself the same goal, but I want to get more ~social when it comes to blogging. Sharing my posts on social media has helped, and I got involved with one twitter chat, but I just find it hard. It's silly I know, everyone is new at some point, but I just struggle putting myself out there and not being too concerned with every tweet.

Healthy lifestyle 
I have no goals in terms of losing a set amount of weight, or cutting out certain food groups (I have enough restrictions with IBS and being vegetarian) but I just want to eat a bit better, y'know? Stop having quorn nuggets and chips for tea when I can't be bothered to cook and actually plan meals in advance kind of thing. Also, stop with the chocolate every afternoon at work!

I'm not the worst when it comes to saving, but I definitely could be better. Especially when it comes to sales shopping, I'm so weak! But I'm at that point where I want to start seriously saving, because I can't live at home with my parents forever, no matter the bonuses! And I've still not got around to actually opening a new savings account which needs to happen.

Wearing: Dress, Forever 21 - Boots, River Island (old) - Jacket, Vintage

What are you goals for 2017?

Loves. Emma.