So when this post goes live, I'll actually be in Paris which is super exciting! I haven't been on a holiday for like, 5 years? How mad is that! I was thinking of all the outfit photos I could get while I'm there until I realised it's December and I'm gonna be wrapped up in cosy layers because I'm always cold. (I have really bad circulation.) But hopefully I'll still get some good content for a Paris post when I'm back!

But talking about layers, this outfit is layering in a little more chic, less cosy way. I've seen the fishnet tights under jeans trend quite a bit lately and am loving it! I didn't have the right kind of jeans to do it, so got creative with a pair of scissors and a cheese grater (actually, lol). And I love the way it's turned out! I think the contrast of such light jeans against the tights really adds to it. 

So I went through a bit of a phase a couple of years back, wearing checkered shirts like this one all of the time. I had so many different colours and styles! I haven't really worn many recently, but I saw this one and just had to have it because we all know, that girls really do rock. I keep venturing into Debenhams more lately when I go shopping and it's not really somewhere I've ever really shopped, but the H! by Henry Holland range is absolutely everything right now. It's so unique and quite a wide variety of styles tbh. I have a few sweaters and an amazing faux leather jacket from the range, it's such good quality and very reasonably priced. 10/10 would recommend.

Wearing: Shirt, H! by Henry Holland - Tee, Primark - Jeans, Next (customised) - Tights, Primark - Shoes, Topshop (no longer available)


Loves. Emma.