So I don't think I mentioned in my New Years Resolutions~ post, but as you can see I've changed my hair again. Because who even am I if I don't keep doing so? I've gone very dark this time - blue black, to be precise - and I'm really digging it tbh. It feels very seasonal appropriate. But along with new hair I also have *a lot* of new sale buys. Sale shopping is like my time to shine, I always seem to find at least one absolute bargain, but one place I was very disappointed in this season was ASOS. My usual trusty fave just had a sale full of crap, if we're being honest. Well, not totally full, I picked up 4 small but very good purchases, but that's not much is it? This t-shirt (a Noisy May via ASOS) and the leopard print belt are two of these finds!

I see slogan tee's everywhere but it's very rare that I actually like them enough to buy them if I'm honest. A lot of them are just tat aren't they, but not this one. Dressing up the classic white tee, blue jeans outfit with a few splashes of leopard print and bonus fishnet socks and a tasseled leather jacket seemed like the perfect way to go about my first OOTD post of 2017. Expect more on the fishnet front as I'm obsessed.

Tee, ASOS - Jeans, Topshop - Jacket, Vintage - Belt, ASOS - Boots, New Look

Loves. Emma.