So although I went to Paris, the most fashionable of cities, this post won't be full of fancy outfit shots. Not only because it was pretty cold and I was wrapped in cosy layers, but also it was my first holiday with friends in a long time and wasn't focusing on creating content but more enjoying myself. So here's a round up of tourist things we did as I tried to brush up my photography skills. I took SO many photos and tried not to bore you with them, so there's only 10% here. Yeah, I know.

We went full basic, up the arc de triomphe and notre dame, a nighttime cruise down the Seine, visiting sacre coeur and the catacombs, even ice skating on the champs d'elysees - basically everything you first thing of when you think being a tourist in Paris, and far too much to ever fit in one blog post. So here's a condensed look!

 Eva and Adele "You Are My Biggest Inspiration", Museum of Modern Art
 Champs d'Elysees 
 Notre Dame
 The Pantheon
 Sacre Coeur
 Galleries laFayette
 Observatoire Panoramique

Loves. Emma.