I just wanna put it out there that these are some of my favourite shots to date. Early afternoon rooftop lighting is the key lads! Also, the whole colour co-ordinating your outfit to your surroundings probably helped. I don't usually do this because I like to just shoot in hidden away areas out of everyones eyesight y'know, but when it happens like it did this time it really makes me want to find perfect, pretty backdrops that mach every outfit and not give a damn. If only, hey! But I've gone back to my monochrome roots and it feels like coming home. As much as I love a bold print and splashes of colour, black & white is just me, it's who I am. Dramatic is also who I am, so y'know.

The baker boy hat has come back out because I'm fast becoming obsessed with it. My brother did ask when I became a train conductor (ha bloody ha) but I have firmly adopted the 'who cares' attitude and everything is fabulous. Oversized everything is pretty much my style, so this top with the big baggy sleeves is pretty damn fabulous also! The little tie detailing also makes it that little bit nicer, doesn't it?

I had a vision for this outfit and it definitely did not involve thick ugly black tights, but as I've mentioned before, I'm a massive wimp when it comes to the cold and I just wasn't brave enough to bare my legs on this occasion. So the effect of the patent croc skirt is a little lost, but what can you do? The faux fur boots also look a little lost against the tights but it's still pretty clear how amazing they are isn't it? I wore these a few weeks back when I was shopping and a young girl started whispering to her mum because 'that lady's got fluffy boots!' which tbh, the part that freaked me out most was being called a lady because I still feel like a child myself sometimes really.

Wearing: Top, Zara (sale) - Skirt, Boohoo - Boots, Topshop (sale) - Hat, Peacocks

Loves. Emma.