I'm constantly finding inspiration for new blog posts at the moment and it's got me itching to get posts out left, right and centre. If only there were more hours in the day! I had a real switch around on social media recently and I've started following a lot more varied bloggers; this then got me thinking about my own style. Not my ~blogging style and my niche and all that (that's a whole other issue in itself!), but my personal style, fashion wise. It always seems that everyone I follow knows their style - they're minimalist or into streetstyle, vintage-lovers or rock chicks, and they all have their signature aesthetic that fits them, what they're known for. I sometimes see pieces when I'm shopping and think how well it would suit a certain blogger. Yeah, I know. But then I think about how I'm perceived and how I'd define my personal style myself and come up with a big fat nothing?

I like to think I have a signature style; a guy from work once spotted me from the other end of a supermarker because he saw my outfit and thought 'that's something Emma would wear' and that made me pretty happy tbh. Like, I'm ~distinguishable and stand out, y'know? But at the same time I don't know that I fit into a particular style. And I think I like that. The idea of being fit into a box of only one style doesn't fit me; I like to wear band tee's and platform boots; I also like heels and a trench coat; but often I just opt for anything Adidas complete with baseball cap and trainers. Most times though, I just mix up each of these styles (and more) and this makes for my personal style. Why buy a bag of marshmallows when you can get a tub of pic'n'mix? (I really want pic'n'mix now).

In the same way, the brands and stores that I get my clothes from are widely varied. ASOS will always be a favourite because of the sheer amount of variety on there, and Zara is my go-to for statement pieces right now. But vintage pieces and charity shop finds are fast becoming a favourite. I like the idea of having unique pieces in my wardrobe that nobody else has, which adds a whole other dimension to your style doesn't it? I've always been about monochrome but also love a bold print clash and the signature of my outfits tends to be a statement shoe. I'm a big fan of dressing up basic outfits with statement accessories in general, a brightly coloured handbag or a chunky pair of boots work wonders.

Basically, don't try and make yourself fit into a box that doesn't feel right. Your own personal style is basically wearing what you want to wear, what makes you feel good and gives you confidence. It doesn't matter whether that combines 2 defined styles or 20 (I don't think I know 20 styles but we'll roll with it). Once I learnt this and started really experimenting with my outfits, that's when I got to be the most confident. I've always chose to express myself through my style because I'm just not good at talking, whether that be through my forever changing hair colour or a pair of thigh high boots, so being the most comfortable and confident is always a priority. 

Loves. Emma.