I'm the first to say that I'm not a Valentines fan. This isn't me being single and bitter and 'well I didn't want any flowers anyway!!1!' but I just think it's a ridiculous, commercial excuse of a holiday. We shouldn't need an excuse to show loved ones that we love them, y'know? Especially not when it involves buying unnecessary red tat that nobody wants nor needs. But at the same time, I do like Valentines in a way; not for couples to get nauseatingly soppy over a stupidly expensive dinner date (honestly a friend of mine is spending £150 on a meal for him and his girlfriend and you could fly to bloody Paris for that pal)(but if that's what you're into then go you), but for single girls (and guys, and everyone) to practice some self-love. Because there can never be too much self-love in the world.

For a lot of single people, Valentines day can be quite a ~sad time, you get down about recent break-ups or unrequited love and get that whole 'but why does nobody want me?' mentality. And I think instead, we should use it as a great excuse to pamper ourselves and do whatever it is we enjoy most. So whether you've got a group of friends you want to spend the day with, or you want to spend the day alone, just get your favourite food/film/face mask/ whatever it is that makes you happy, and forget about boys because they're trash tbh.

For me, one thing that always makes me feel good is wearing a banging set of matching lingerie. Especially if nobody's going to see it, because then I'm most confident and can just rock it. I have more bras and bralettes than any girl could ever need, because choices! If you've not got a great budget to spend on little luxuries like this, then Primark is the place for you. Honestly, they are killing it with their lingerie game lately. Everytime I go in there's a new set that I want and I just need to stop going in, don't I? But these two in particular are very recent and very pretty, on the Valentines theme but not overly so, and really what's not to love? The rose covered set in particular is a bit of a dreamboat set isn't it?! (Disclaimer: I know these types of bralettes aren't for everyone, but lingerie in general is very personal so I can only share what I know, y'know?) I'm also very happy with both of the bottoms being quite 'big knicker' Bridget Jones esque because sometimes you just want to cover your tummy a little really. Especially if you're gonna gorge on pizza and cookie dough like I plan to!

Loves. Emma.