When I shot these photos, it was actually -2°C outside. I lost feeling in my fingers and toes so quick and just wasn't up for shooting for very long tbh. I know I'm a wimp, but I have circulation problems and just can't deal with cold temperatures. I was always the child crying and wanting to go inside after 5 minutes of sledging. I don't think I ever made it through the full duration of building a snowman. So I guess I should've worn a more weather appropriate outfit to shoot in the middle of winter, but I didn't think this was too bad tbh. And once I have an idea in my head, I have to stick to it y'know!

So here we are in the middle of February and I have an outfit full of sale purchases from last month to show you. I can't decide whether it's because I bought so much, or I'm just slack at blogging? Probably a good combination of the two really! But after my little online Zara sale splurge that I mentioned in a previous post, I ended up returning some pieces to the store and obviously had to check the sale in-store. I ended up coming away with a few more pieces, including this absolute babe of a jacket. It was down from £60(?) to £30 and is the softest, buttery (I hate that description but it's so fitting?!) faux leather and I think I'm a bit in love. I had to get a medium as they had no smalls left, but I'm all about the oversized look so it's all good.

It's one of those pieces that surprises you with how well it goes with everything. Although it's quite ~out there~ with the appliqué detailing, it's still a very simple piece and perfect for either adding to a basic, monochromatic outfit or just complementing something already colourful.

Hat and sunnies aside, this whole outfit was sale bargains. In fact the jeans and top together only cost £11. Bargain hunter, extraordinaire over here. The shoes were in the first Zara order and I'm not usually one for 'flat flat' shoes, like ballet pumps or anything, but these just stood out to me, probably because they're quite Chloe-esque, and they're actually super comfy!

Wearing: Jacket, Zara (sale) - Top, New Look (sale) - Jeans, Primark (sale) - Shoes, Zara (sale) - Hat, Topshop (old) - Sunglasses, ASOS - Belt, ASOS

Loves. Emma.